What Is Unconditional Warranty on Tyres

1. The warranty does not cover tyre damage or irregular wear caused or resulting from any of the following reasons: *Valid from 1 January 2019. Applies to tires manufactured on or after July 1, 2018 (serial number 2718 weeks). For every tire, inner tube and shutter manufactured and/or marketed by “Goodyear India Ltd”, with the exception of racing tires, it is warranted that they are free from defects in material quality or workmanship during the first service life and tread warranty period. If our review shows that such a product has failed under this warranty, we will replace the product on a pro rata basis. The amount to be compensated for the tyre is calculated from the percentage of tread wear. In other words, the “residual profile depth measurement system” is applied. This guarantee must be seen as a guarantee of “goodwill”. Improper use or incorrect application is not included. This means that the general conditions of sale remain valid. The warranty applies to certain Apollo tires purchased by the customer after November 5, 2014. Below are the details of what is excluded from this warranty.

Full and worry-free service applies to certain tires, i.e. Vajra Super Storage Units (SKUs), DT 195 Farm rear tires, rear radial tires, and Goodrock tires (“WFS tires”) sold by Goodyear dealers during the period January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 (both data included). CEAT provides a warranty for tires and inner tubes against manufacturing defects that may occur during tire maintenance Suitable tires under warranty are proportionate (i.e. based on average tread wear) replaced by a new tire of the same type as shown below (only applies to manufacturing defects) Tires are also covered by our standard 5-year manufacturer`s warranty The warranty applies exclusively to the first owner who uses the covered products and is not transferable. Manipulations of any kind on our products automatically result in the expiry of this warranty (e.B. serial number handled, evaluation of the layer, size of the tires, etc.). There are no other warranties or liabilities that apply to these products unless they are specified for a particular size/design, and no agent is authorized to make any representations, promises or agreements except as set forth herein. 7 years for all tires manufactured from January 1, 2019 and 5 years for all tires manufactured before January 1, 2019.

Warranty is valid from the date of manufacture or until tire tread wear to tread wear indicators (TWI), whichever comes first, regardless of the miles driven Worry-Free Service* (WFS) is an independent service offered in addition to Goodyear India`s warranty policy (“Warranty Program”). Under the SGF, tires can be replaced on a pro rata basis under non-guaranteed conditions, namely: run-flat/deflation damage, mounting damage, non-repairable tires (due to cuts and damage to the tread), non-repairable tires (due to cuts and damage to the sidewall area) and damage to impact brakes are subject to the conditions listed below: ** RunOnFlat (ROF) tires are not covered by the Worry Free service. Apollo Direct will provide the customer with the warranty registration number, which must be provided in order to benefit from the unconditional warranty. B. Worry-free service duration Worry-free service applies to certain tires, i.e. storage units (SKUs) sold by dealers between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 (including data). Please refer to the list of SKUs that fall under the worry-free service (point E). The customer must call the call center, Apollo Direct, at 1800 212 7070 within one month from the date of purchase and provide the following details for warranty registration: * Applies to tires manufactured from January 2019. The Apollo Unconditional Warranty offers you security. Purchase an Apollo tire (included in the offer) and if the tire becomes unusable or has 50% wear within 2 years of the date of purchase, whichever comes first, you will receive a new tire on a pro rata basis.

As an added benefit, CEAT also offers a warranty against non-manufacturing defects that make the tire unusable for reasons such as run flat, concussion, rim trench, cracking, not repairable by cuts, sitting on the rim and adjustment damage. Electric motorcycle/scooter/rickshaw tyres are replaced free of charge (FOC) up to 10% under Directive K. . . . Note: Please read Goodyear`s Privacy Policy at www.goodyear.co.in/privacy-policy. When registering a call, this will be considered the consumer`s consent to comply with Goodyear`s Privacy Policy, including Goodyear`s consent, the consumer`s personal data from time to time to service providers/sellers, etc. to use and/or make available to meet Goodyear`s requirements under the Warranty and other plans/programs.

6 years from the date of manufacture or until the tyre tread wear up to the tread wear indicators (TWI), whichever comes first, regardless of the kilometres travelled. . . * Prorated calculation = Depth of worn tread (NSD) / Original tread depth (NSD), (e.B. if the original NSD is 8 mm, the tire wear is 2 mm, this means that the customer must pay 25% of the cost of the tire. . After 10% wear of the profile, a replacement offer will be charged on a pro rata basis. . We want to make sure our consumers` journeys are smoother than ever, both on the road and online. .